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  • Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences for Engineering

The research topics deal with matter physics and, in particular, the development of innovative devices including chemical sensors, biosensors, olfaction systems, field effect emitters, light emitting devices and many others. Metal oxide semiconductors quasi 1D or nanostructured are used successfully for these devices. The ability to control the morphology, crystalline and functional properties of the prepared material may be achieved thanks to the fundamental and functional characterization techniques available. The intended applications are in the fields of environment, security, human health and food industries. Additional topics deal with nuclear physics, in particular general properties of nuclear forces, particle detectors, data acquisition systems, statistical methods of experimental data analysis, simulation of physical processes and performances of experimental setups, and long-term environmental and sanitary effects of radiation.

Internal Board Members

  • Alessandri, Ivano
    Sustainable Chemistry; Sustainable and Smart Materials; Photocatalysis; Raman Spectroscopy; Energy conversion; Energy Storage; Optical Sensing
  • Artoni, Maurizio
  • Comini, Elisabetta
    Metal oxides; Nanowires; Chemical sensors; Fuel cells; Electron microscopy techniques; Raman; AFM; TERS; XRD
  • Mansini, Renata
    Combinatorial optimization; Discrete mathematical models; Exact (Branch-and-Bound, Branch-and-Cut, Branch-and-Price); Metaheuristic (ALNS, Tabu Search, GRASP, VNS); Matheuristic (Kernel Search) algorithms; Parallel computing; Application domains: logistics and transportation, production and procurement, personnel scheduling, healthcare, energy, and finance
  • Marcellini, Francesca

External Board Members

Current Phd Students

  • ABBAS Ibn E
  • BEN ARBIA Marwa
    Metal oxide semiconductors’ design for gas sensing applications: Tuning physical properties and surface morphologies for high-efficient devices
  • BONOMI Valentina
    Rich vehicle routing problems: models, algorithms and applications
  • COSTANTINI Giovanni
    Simulations and reconstruction of antiproton-matter annihilation events in antimatter experiments
  • HAKKOUM Hadjer
    Eco-sustainable preparation of oxides and integration into renewable energy devices and sensors
  • HAMEED Safia
    Nanostructured materials for the production of clean hydrogen from biomethane/biogas
  • HELAL Hicham
    Eco-sustainable preparation of oxides and integration into renewable energy devices and sensors
  • MIGLIORATI Stefano
    Modeling Antinucleon-Nucleus Interactions at Low Energy: An Analysis of Scattering and Annihilation Data Using Optical Potential Approach
  • MUSAEV Egit
  • PAKDEL Hakimeh
    Fabrication and characterization of metal oxide semiconductors for gas sensors application
  • RANZA Filippo
    Optimization models and algorithms for last mile delivery
  • ROINI Giammarco
    Synthesis and characterization of halide-perovskites for nanophotonics
  • TOMASETTI Lorenzo
    Optimization of production processes and reduction of consumption in energy-intensive companies in the steel sector
    Properties and gas sensing performances of low dimensional metal oxides nanostructures