Simulations and reconstruction of antiproton-matter annihilation events in antimatter experiments

My research work developed in the freamework of the ASACUSA collaboration, one of the CERN experiments exploring antimatter physics. The experiment deals with fine spectroscopic antihydrogen measurements to investigate the possibility of an extremely subtle effect: the violation of CPT symmetry. If observed this effect could explain one of the big unsolved questions of physics: the asymmetry bertween the amount of matter and antimatter in the universe. In particular for this expeirment I developed softwares for Monte Carlo simulations for the study of antiproton annihilation at rest and software for the reconstruction of the tracks left by particles coming from antiproton annihilation, using the signal collected by one of the detector of ASACUSA designed for track down the annihilations products.


  • Primary: Luca Venturelli

Short Bio

Thirty years-old physicist, graduated at Università Statale di Milano. Phd in Information Engineering at Università statale di Brescia. Deeply interested in fundamental unsolved physical problems. Alongside, a schizophrenic hobbyist: machine learning, board games, woodworking, photography, chess. Rock climber indoor and outdoor. I am committed to peacefulness and Earth respect.