The "PhD Corner" initiative

The PhD corner gives the chance to any PhD student to discuss about research interests, visions, practical issues and scientific goals with other peers and members of the academic community.

The informal and friendly environment aims at stimulating constructive discussions and setting new collaborations among the PhD students.

The events will be held biweekly, normally on Friday afternoon, and will be accompanied with snacks and drinks. The PhD representatives will take care of management and scheduling. Everyone is encouraged to join and participate.

Please, take a look on the calendar and feel free to add your hints and topics.

For further information:


June 21: "Un approccio MPC a tempo minimo per la profondità dell'ipnosi in anestesia totale endovenosa" (Marco Milanesi)

July 12: "Trend emergenti e applicazioni di Intelligenza Artificiale in campo sanitario" (Edoardo Coppola)

September 13: "Pianificazione automatica e agenti autonomi in contesti del mondo reale" (Lorenzo Serina)

October 11: "Wearable Bio-sensors: progressi, sfide e future opportunità" (Giorgia Polidori)

November 16: "Le politiche SDG nell’industria contemporanea e futura: riscontri e opportunità" (Chiara Leggerini)

December 13: "Progressi nella Produzione di Energie Rinnovabili: quale futuro ci aspetta?" (Michele Speziani)