Fabrication and characterization of metal oxide semiconductors for gas sensors application

The significance of environmental monitoring has been increasing rapidly because industrialization processes have led to the release of various pollutants into the air. Further, the metal oxide nanostructures owing to their high sensitivity, high reproducibility, simple implantation, excellent response, good reliability, and low-cost have been intensively studied in the last decade for the manufacturing of monitoring and security systems. A desire to extend my knowledge and enthusiasm to develop materials by controlling their structure and morphology at the nanoscale level, motivated me to pursue my PhD project on the preparation and characterization of metal-oxide nanostructure for gas Sensors.


  • Primary: Elisabetta Comini
  • Other advisors: Vardan Galstyan



Short Bio

Hakimeh Pakdel was born in 1995 in Iran. She got her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering at the University of Tehran and her thesis title was Modeling of non-spherical particles in the Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations by Star CCM+. She received her M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering-Process Design with a thesis entitled An integrated system of Plasma-nanostructured semiconductor metal oxide for gas sensing at the same university. In January 2021, she started her Ph.D. program on the Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxide Semiconductor for Gas Sensors Application.