• Curricula
  • Electronics Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation

The curriculum deals with, among others, the following research topics: electronic instrumentation, analogue and digital signal processing, micro/nano-sensors in film and microfabrication (MEMS) technologies, optical instrumentation, optoelectronics and 3D artificial vision, web sensors, wireless sensors, sensor networking, microelectronics, organic electronics, interface circuits for sensors, energy harvesting and electronics for energy, autonomous sensors, sensors and instrumentation for biomedical and agro-food applications.

Internal Board Members

  • Colalongo, Luigi
  • Depari, Alessandro
    Sensor signal conditioning and processing; embedded systems; smart sensors and sensor networks; m-Health (mobile health) and IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Ferrari, Marco
    Sensori, trasduttori piezoelettrici a onda acustica Microsistemi, MEMS Elettronica a basso rumore Energy harvesting Interrogazione contactless per sensori
  • Ferrari, Vittorio
    Sensors; Microsystems; MEMS; Interface electronics; Energy harvesting; Piezoelectric transducers; Instrumentation; Mechatronics;
  • Kovacs Vajna, Zsolt
    Microelectronics, Circuit Design, System Design, Circuit Simulation, EMI analysis, Organic Electronics, Emerging Eletronics Technologies
  • Richelli, Anna
    Her main research interests include design of integrated analog circuits, immunity to electromagnetic interferences and integrated step-up converters.
  • Rinaldi, Stefano
    Industrial Internet of Things; Smart Grid, Renewable Energy Resources, Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage Systems; Embedded Systems; Time Synchronization; Cyber Physical Systems
  • Sisinni, Emiliano
    IoT and IIoT; (Wireless) sensor and actuator networks; time synchronization; industrial communications; embedded systems; sensor signal processing
  • Torricelli, Fabrizio
    Organic Bioelectronics, Imperceptible Electronics, Organic Neuromorphics, Flexible Printed Large-area Electronics, Molecular Bioelectronics

External Board Members

Current Phd Students

  • BELLERI Pietro
    Study, modelling and integration of neuromorphic systems with electrolyte-gated organic transistors
  • BERTELLI Stefano
    Study, development, and experimental characterization of acoustic-wave piezoelectric MEMS transducers
  • DEMARTIS Virginia Maria
    Design and fabrication of organic electronic devices with biodegradable materials and integration of a system to monitoring the hot/cold chain for food conservation
  • FAUSTINI Paolo
    Study and modelling of ultra-low power circuits in CMOS technology
  • GRANELLI Roberto
    Design, fabrication and characterization of organic electronics and hybrid integration with silicon electronics for the development of integrated and conformable large-area smart surfaces
  • KHALILNASL Hossein
    Cellular vehicular communications supporting cooperative driving applications
  • MAZZOLI Federico
    Devices, techniques, and algorithms for dynamic processes analysis by means of a multivariable motion sensor
  • ROSA Andrea
  • ROSSONI Angelo
    Characterization of the devices in the latest FinFET technology nodes accounting for the surrounding layout
  • ZINI Marco
    Study and development of techniques, circuits and applications for contactless interrogation of coil-coupled passive sensors