Devices, techniques, and algorithms for dynamic processes analysis by means of a multivariable motion sensor

In recent years, the concept of multivariable sensors have been spreading more and more in the industrial world, i.e., single devices capable of providing a set of useful information to describe, in the most complete way possible, the crucial aspects of the dynamic process in which they are placed, in order to optimize it. My research activity is particularly focused on studying devices, techniques and algorithms for the analysis of dynamic processes using a multivariable motion sensor. In this context, I recently developed a velocity estimation algorithm that exploits the position and acceleration signals obtained from a multivariable motion sensor, which consists of a resistive potentiometric displacement sensor plus a MEMS accelerometer. In addition to this, I’m now focusing on developing a smart potentiometric displacement sensor shown self-diagnostic capability.


  • Primary: Vittorio Ferrari
  • Other advisors: Davide Alghisi