Design and fabrication of organic electronic devices with biodegradable materials and integration of a system to monitoring the hot/cold chain for food conservation

One of the major problems of our time is e-waste. Lack of raw materials, rising production costs and pollution make the shift to a more sustainable way of designing electronic devices crucial. Moving in this direction, this research aims to build a completely biodegradable sensing system. in particular with the aim of reducing another problem that leads to the waste of resources: the bad conservation of food. The first step is the in-depth study of organic polymers which are the fundamental building block of this new type of devices. Their electronic characteristics and the way they relate to temperature variations are being studied, with particular attention to stability and reliability over time. Obtained reliable devices Scale the process considering proper substrates and via deposition technique biocompatible and biodegradable organic transistors.


  • Primary: Fabrizio Torricelli
  • Other advisors: Ivano Alessandri, Zsolt M. Kovacs Vajna


Short Bio

I’m Virginia Maria Demartis, born in Crema on January 18, 1995. I got my bachelor degree in electronic engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2018. I then completed my studies in Brescia, obtaining a master’s degree in electronic engineering in 2021. Here I continued with a PhD focusing on new materials and technologies for electronics at MicroLab.