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This site offers an updated view on the research activities of our PhD Students and provides information on the scientific and teaching initiatives related to the academic life of the DRII.

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DRII PhD Talent Day – XXXII Cycle

Each PhD student of cycle XXXII of DRII will give a short presentation about the research activity that she/he carried out for her/his PhD thesis.

Detailed schedule: here.


COURSE: Mobile Interaction Design

21-23 January 2020

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to principles and practical guidelines for mobile applications’ interaction design. Previous basic knowledge of interaction design, usability or mobile programming are desirable but not mandatory; the content of the course is in fact accessible to any graduated student in Engineering. The attendance of the course is suggested for those who plan to design and develop an interactive application to be used on mobile devices.

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COURSE: An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

03-12 December 2019

Nowadays, research on reinforcement learning (RL) has demonstrated promising results in manifold domains, while major breakthroughs have been obtained in gaming applications (e.g., atari, GO, poker). In this short course, we will introduce the basic principles and algorithms for solving Markov Decision Processes and simple RL problems. We will further investigate how these algorithms have been extended, modified and applied at the state- of-the-art to solve challenging problems in the gaming/simulation domains, pointing at the open challenges in the research field. Finally, we will analyze the applicability of these algorithms with or without modifications in robotics.

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DRII Open Seminar Day – XXXIII and XXXIV Cycles

Each PhD student of cycles XXXIII and XXXIV of DRII will give a short presentation about the research activity that she/he carried out for her/his PhD thesis.

Detailed schedule: here.


“Best Oral Contribution” award

Davide Rocco has been awarded at the “Riunione congiunta GTTI-SIEm” for the best oral contribution given by a PhD student by presenting the work “Efficient harmonic generation in AlGaAs nanoantennas on epsilon-near-zero materials”.

The event was held on 26th – 28th June at the University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy) organized by “Società Italina di Elettromagnetismo” SIEm, “Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni” CNIT and by “Associazione Gruppo Telecomunicazioni e Tecnologie dell’Informazione” GTTI.



Admissions are now open!

The admission procedures for XXXV cycle of the PhD program in Information Engineering are now open.

– Deadline for online applications:

July 25, 2019, h 14:00 (Italian Time, GMT+2).

– The cycle will start on November 1, 2019.

Instructions on admission procedures: !! HERE !!



COURSE: Introduction to Deep Learning and Constrained-based Reasoning

04-08 February 2019

In this brief course, we give an introduction to deep learning and then we introduce a theory for modeling the agent interactions with the environments by means of the unified notion of constraint, that is shown to embrace machine learning and logic inferential processes within the same mathematical framework. Then, we present LYRICS (Learning Yourself Reasoning and Inference with ConstraintS), which can be regarded as a tool to assist the design of intelligent agents in a rich variety of application domains.

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“Innovation Design Contest 2018” Award

Alessandro Nastro has been awarded at the “Innovation Design Contest 2018” by presenting the project “SANSONE: MEMS microsensor for measurements of force and mechanical properties in biological samples”.

The event was held on 18th October at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci”, Milan (Italy), organized by the journal “Selezione di Elettronica”, in collaboration with ON Semiconductors.

Detailed Information: here.


PhD promotion event – Reportage on TELETUTTO (local broadcast)

Poster presentations in PhD promotion event:

“Il Dottorato di Ricerca – Esperienze di Perseveranza”

University of Brescia, Engineering Campus (March 14-18, 2016)