Research activities in this curriculum cover the domains of: antennas and microwaves (ultra wideband signal transmission and reception, elettrosmog, …); Digital Signal Processing (wavelets, linear transform families, approximation theory, …); Information Theory (source coding methods, channel coding bounds, …); Multimedia Signal Processing (emotion modeling and recognition, face recognition, image and video compression, multimedia indexing, multimedia information retrieval, music information classification, watermarking technologies, …), Optical communications (non linear fiber optics, optical components, …), Nanophotonics (optical antennas, imaging, graphene photonics …), Networking (information security, protocols, traffic classification, …).

Internal Board Members

  • Benini, Sergio
    Digital signal processing; Multimedia content analysis; Emotional characterization of cinematic content; Biomedical images; Machine learning
  • De Angelis, Costantino
    Photonics; Nonlinear optics; Metamaterials; Photonics crystals; Computational electromagnetics; Optical antennas; Metasurfaces
  • de Ceglia, Domenico
    Electromagnetics; Photonics; Nonlinear optics; Metamaterials; Metasurfaces; Plasmonics; Antennas; Nanophotonics; Optoelectronics
  • Gringoli, Francesco
    Security assessment and medium access control in Wireless LANs; Opportunistic tracking and location of devices and users; High-speed packet processing
  • Lo Cigno, Renato
  • Locatelli, Andrea
    Plasmonics and metamaterials; Photonic crystals; Computational electromagnetics; Antennas; Graphene-based devices
  • Modotto, Daniele
  • Vincenti, Maria Antonietta
    Photonic devices; Metamaterials and metasurfaces; Nonlinear optics

External Board Members

Current Phd Students