Signal manipulation and wavelength conversion in multimode waveguides

My research concerns the design and experimental testing of multimode optical fibers and integrated waveguides for the processing of optical signals, as those transmitted in fiber links. Highly multimode waveguides are able to manipulate, route and shift in wavelength the optical signals thanks to the combined action of multimodal interference and nonlinear effects. These fibers and waveguides have the potential to revolutionize the world of optical communications by making it easier to process signals in transmission systems based on mode division multiplexing and therefore fall within the enabling technologies for the digital transition.


  • Primary: Daniele Modotto


Short Bio

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Information Engineering at the Universit√† degli studi di Brescia, where I also earned my Master’s degree in Communication Technologies and Multimedia. My research focus lies in the design and testing of multimode fibers and waveguides, where I leverage my expertise in the numerical study and modeling of waveguides for radio communications. This research has the potential to lead to advances in areas such as optical communications, microscopy, and sensing. Through my work, I hope to contribute to the development of new technologies that can have a positive impact on society.