Advanced photonics for sensing applications (3h)

Detailed program  


Dr. Davide Rocco
Università di Brescia
The goal of this course is to provide an introduction of new optical devices, known as metasurface, for efficient light manipulation at the nanoscale. Over the last few years, such structures have gained increasing attention in various research fields mainly because they offer a valid way to obtain unconventional light-matter interaction effects, as well as the possibility of manipulating electromagnetic fields through the design of their constituent elements. This course is intended to provide the necessary theoretical background and insight on the new metasurface technology, with a specific focus on sensing applications. The content of the lessons is accessible to any graduated student in Engineering. An introduction to the numerical simulation activity will also be dealt during the lectures.

Friday, 15 July 2022: h.09.00 – h.12.00, Aula N6


Info: Dr. Davide ROCCO
Dip. Ingegneria dell’Informazione