Massimiliano GARDA


In the era of Big Data, effective and efficient techniques aimed to handle the huge quantity of data coming from smart factories, smart cities etc. are needed in order to exploit their informative knowledge.
The aim of my PhD research activity is to study the application of the new methodologies in this ever-growing field, with a particular regard to Semantic Web technologies for Smart Cities and Big Data in the context of Industry 4.0.
In the context of my PhD, I’m also collaborating with the Business Intelligence team of a local firm, with the aim of analysing modern software tools to build data warehouse-based solutions, to integrate data coming from heterogeneous data sources (e.g., ERPs, Production Systems).

Presentation of the second-year research activities (November 25, 2019)


Curriculum: Computer Science/Engineering and Control Systems

Tutor e Relatore: Valeria DE ANTONELLIS
Co-tutor: Devis BIANCHINI



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