Large-Area Flexible Bio-Electronics: from materials to emerging applications (9h)

Detailed program  


Large-area flexible electronics can enable the emerging Internet of Everything applications where people, processes, data and devices will be integrated and connected, to augment quality of life. Using flexible substrates in combination with emerging organic and metal-oxides materials, significant progress has been made and nowadays low-cost flexible circuits, smart sensors and biomedical devices are available.
The goal of the course is to provide an overview of organic and metal-oxide materials, devices and fabrication technologies used for integrated large-area circuits, flexible sensors and bio-electronics.

Electronic materials, devices and fabrication technologies (3h)

14 December 14.30-17.30. Room N6, via Branze 38, Eng. building.


Device physics and new device architectures (3h)

15 December 14.30-17.30. Room B2.5, via Branze 43, Eng. building.


Bio-electronic devices, circuits and sensor applications  (3h)

16 December 14.30-17.30. Room N6, via Branze 38, Eng. building.


Info: Dr. Fabrizio Torricelli
Dip. Ingegneria dell’Informazione