09 JUN 17  





Visual Perception and Visual Information Processing (14h)  

This short course will deal with the theory and practice of visual perception, with emphasis on techniques used in vision research and in visual information processing. Central areas of vision research including spatial vision, motion perception, color and binocular vision will be covered. Emphasis will be put on psychophysical methods. Anatomy and physiology, light and optics, convolutions and Fourier methods, and network theory and systems will also be examined when appropriate.

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17 JUL 17  





14 DEC 16  





Large-Area Flexible Bio Electronics: from materials to emerging applications (9h)  

Large-area flexible electronics can enable the emerging Internet of Everything applications where people, processes, data and devices will be integrated and connected, to augment quality of life. Using flexible substrates in combination with emerging organic and metal-oxides materials, significant progress has been made and nowadays low-cost flexible circuits, smart sensors and biomedical devices are available.
The goal of the course is to provide an overview of organic and metal-oxide materials, devices and fabrication technologies used for integrated large-area circuits, flexible sensors and bio-electronics.

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16 DEC 16  





06 DEC 16  




Introduction to database design and implementation (9h)  

This course follows a practical perspective: it provides basic knowledge of conceptual modeling of data, by using a graphical language (UML), to design of simple databases. Secondly, from the conceptual model we will see how to design and implement concretely a database using common database management systems and how to extract knowledge by querying the database.

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13 DEC 16  




12 JUL 16  



Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (12h)  

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology, the basics of preparation of nanomaterials and their characterization, together with the use of some of the required instrumentations. This course is suitable for graduate students with various engineering backgrounds.

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14 JUL 16  



14 JAN 16  



Biophotonics (12h)  

The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the principles of optics and lasers, the basics of biology, the interaction of light with cells and tissues, and the applications of optical imaging and sensing techniques in biomedicine. This course is highly interdisciplinary and is suitable for graduate students with various engineering or biomedical backgrounds.

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09 FEB 16  




Additional courses for PhD students of all programmes:

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