Digital twin and cyber-physical system applied to firearms shooting training

Digital twins and Cyber-physical systems are an innovative tool that is only recently finding diffusion, mostly in industrial fields. Among the possible applications on humans, Digital Twins have been employed in sports training for performance enhancement, correction of gesture errors or injury prevention. The objective of my research project is the evaluation and application of this tool to shooting disciplines, that still strongly rely on traditional training methods.


  • Primary: Barbara Rita Barricelli
  • Other advisors: Federico Cerutti

Short Bio

Stefano Morzenti was born in 1993 in Esine, Italy. Since 2013 he studied at University of Brescia, where he obtained both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Industrial Automation Engineering. During his master’s thesis Stefano studied the characteristics of the athletic gesture in Olympic Trap shooting, by employing a customized biomechanical model applied to motion capture data. Since 2019 he’s been working for Beretta as project engineer, where he follows both research projects, and development and integration of sensors and electronic devices. Continuing the trend of sport shooting disciplines research, Stefano is currently working on his PhD project on the employment of Digital twins as an advanced tool for shooting training.