A new feedback loop algorithm for the control of die casting machines

Die- casting machines are well established instruments for the industrial production of light alloy objects. Today’s challenges in die-casting concern the continuous increase in the forces necessary to machines for producing ever bigger objects with strict mechanical properties, such as structural components for the automotive industry. The aim of my research is the development of a new algorithm for the control of the die-casting process, which consists of the injection of molten metal following given speed and pressure profiles, exploiting a high-performance hydraulic system characterized by some varying or partially known parameters, thus requiring some degree of adaptation in the controller. In this project I’m collaborating with IDRA, a leading die-casting machine manufacturer.


  • Primary: Marco Campi
  • Other advisors: Algo Carè, Davide Gardoni


Short Bio

Diego Lorenzi was born in 1995 in Montichiari (Brescia, Italy). He achieved a Master Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Brescia in September 2019, with a thesis on the integration of SQL-based analysis and data lineage in a Big Data infrastructure for semi-structured data. He then followed his interest in control theory and industry by applying for a joint project of the Control and Identification research group in the same university and Idra, one of the world’s leading die-casting machine manufacturers. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Brescia and control engineer in Idra.