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  • Short external PhD Course 'A Primer on Signal and Power Integrity'


    Iseo (BS)

  • DATE

    28 Jun, 2023

  • TIME

    12:00 (duration: 7 hours)

Event description

This short course will introduce the Signal and Power Integrity (SPI) challenges in high-speed digital systems. These are considered as the main limiting factor for the performance of general electronic systems, from portable devices up to high-end enterprise computing servers, due to parasitics and undesired behavior of electrical interconnect carrying high-speed signals and providing power supply to electronic components. It is not a surprise that various IEEE topical conferences (SPI, EPEPS, EDAPS, EMC-SIPI) and journals (T-CPMT and T-SPI) are dedicated to the subject. This introductory course will motivate why Signal and Power Integrity are relevant through a set of relevant application examples. A fundamental explanation of most prominent signal and power degradation effects will be provided by introducing low- and high-frequency models, and possible approaches to improve SPI will be discussed. A set of real-world examples will be presented and discussed


Prof. Stefano Grivet-Talocia