Marcello Zanardelli

Research Topics

Image/Video Forgery Detection

Our research activity is focused on the authenticity analysis of images/video or, more in general, media content. In particular, we want to develop efficient and robust methods for the detection of malevolous alterations on media contents (ex. Deep-fake videos).


First year presentation


I was born on 7/5/1993 in Brescia (Italy). I received the “diploma di maturità” at A. Calini highschool in 2011. I received the Bachelor degree cum laude in computer science at “Università degli studi di Brescia” in 2015 and the master degree cum laude two years later. In my master degree thesis I worked on numerical approximation of coupled stokes-darcy problems in the two dimensional case with prof. Gervasio. After my master degree I worked for two years as a software developer mainly in the field of computer vision.