Gayan Wadumesthree

Research Topics

Magnetics Nano-Materials/Frameworks for Chemical Gas Sensing

This study is focused on growing and developing several magnetic nano materials for possible gas sensing applications. To fill the gap of finding low cost solutions for accurate measurements of magnetic characteristics of the newly developed materials, the following goals will be pursued:

  1. Synthesis of Co, Fe, Ni based ZnO magnetics nanomaterials.
  2. Carry out morphological, structural and magnetics characterization of the grown materials.
  3. Fabricate nano magnetic gas sensors and study their characteristics and performance.
  4. Optimize device performance by optimizing the material properties by changing the synthesis parameters.

Studies on modified CdS thin films as a solar cell window matrial

The tuning of the optical band gap value and relative band edge position of the n-CdS by adjusting the growth parameters such as substrate temperatur, annaealing, surfact, seed, doping to improve the efficiency of CdS based solar cells.


First year presentation


W G Chathuranga Kumarage was born in 13th August 1985, Galle, in Sri Lanka. He has obtain his BSc Degree on Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2009. With the dedication and commitment towards achieving high remarks in the area of Material Physics has paved to complete his MSc degree on the thesis of “Growth of CuO Thin Films for Possible PV Applications” in 2013 at the PGIS, Sri Lanka. In 2018 he has obtained his PhD degree on “Studies on modified chemical bath deposited CdS thin films as a solar cell window matrial” from the PGIS. With his ultimate vision to become one of the best Nano Science expert has started his second PhD on Nanostructured Magnetic Gas Sensor at SENSOR LAB, University of Bersica, Italy.