Stefano Della Fiore

Research Topics

New Bounds for Perfect k-Hashing

My current research activity is focused on finding new improved upper bounds on the cardinality of a set of vectors of length n over an alphabet of size k, with the property that, for every subset of k vectors there is a coordinate in which they all differ. My research is mainly based on the work of Simone Costa and Marco Dalai in which they found different new upper bounds for k=4, 5, 6 (2017-2020). The best known bounds for k > 6 (2018) are due to the work of Venkatesan Guruswami, in which he improved the previous bounds of Fredman and Komlós (1984).


First year presentation


I am a PhD student in Information Theory at University of Brescia – working on Asymptotic Behaviour of Code Rates. I obtained my BSc degree in 2017 (in Computer Science) with a thesis titled “Implementation of an algorithm for the processing of a sequence based on analysis of iterative local symmetries” and my MSc degree (in Communication Technologies and Multimedia) in 2019 (cum laude) with a thesis titled “Constraints in Source Coding”.