Giovanni Costantini

Research Topics

Neural Network Application for Improvements of Data Analysis Within Antimatter Experiment ASACUSA

Fundamental Physics group is one of the founders of ASACUSA collaboration. The experiment deals with fine spectroscopic anti- hydrogen measurements to investigate one of the deepest unsolved questions of physics: the CPT violation. Antimatter experiments deal with uncountable technical problems: from the production of the needed antiparticles, to their detection and classification. This last step is of great interest for neural network applications. It involves large data sets that allow strong machine training. Furthermore, the procedure for particle classification relies on data with a high grade of complexity, fact that gives to neural network a great opportunity of improving existing algorithms. My research carries forward the application of this technology in the ASACUSA experiment.

Monte Carlo simulations of proton-antiproton annihilations products

Working in a big collaboration means also working on common job for the experiment. I am part of the simulation team of ASACUSA. This means that I am dealing with MC simulation of the current experiment. I am learning and using software as Geant4 and Fluka to simulate annihilation products of proton-antiproton annihilations in order to study the multiplicity of π+ π-.


First year presentation


Twenty-eight years-old physicist, graduated at Università Statale di Milano. Phd in Information Engineering at Università statale di Brescia. Deeply interested in fundamental unsolved physical problems. Alongside, a schizophrenic hobbyist: woodworking, hiking, photography, violin playing and chess. Rock climber indoor and outdoor. I am committed to peacefulness and Earth respect.