Alessandro Galeazzi

Curriculum in Telecommunication Engineering
Advised by Francesco Gringoli and Walter Quattrocchi

Research Topics

Analysis of User’s Behavior on Social Media Platform

My research aim to analize and model user’s behavoirs on different social media. Starting from data collected from online platforms, my goal is to assess how users clusters together and to which exent this is driven by human biases or suggestion algotithm design choiches. In particular, understanding the evolution of these online ecosystems over time and how the information flows in them is a crucial step in order to assess wheter people’s beliefs can be influenced by bots and hoaxes. All these objectives are crucial to deeply understand the interaction between users and online social platform and how they are modifying our society.


First year presentation

Second year presentation


Alessandro Galeazzi obtained the BS in Information Engineering from the university of Padova in 2016. In 2017 he joined a double degree program held by University of Padova and National Taiwan University. In 2018 he received the MS in ICT for Internet and Multimedia from the University of Padova and the MS in Communication Engineering from National Taiwan University. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Brescia and his research interest include social networks data analisys, misinformation spreading and human behavior on complex network.